Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21, 2012
Violette Dubrinsky – Fallen (#1 Dark God Saga)

Hell hath no fury like a goddess scorned...

Scorned by Thanatos, one of the powerful Dark Gods, Aphrodite concocts a plan for revenge, the end result of which is Thanatos being stripped of his godhood and sent to live among humans. 

And the pure shall redeem him...

Simone Randall is your average New York City journalist. She’s always looking for a good story, so when she’s invited to the most anticipated Halloween event of the year, she’s definitely going...even if she is a bit bummed at her lackluster life at the age of twenty-six. What she doesn’t expect is her fiery attraction to the sexy, dark haired, grey-eyed god at the event. 

Thanatos does not believe in the “uniting mates” theme of the Ball, and he’s there for one reason only: to speak to the god of all gods about the reinstatement of his powers. His attraction to Simone comes as a surprise—be it welcome—as she is not his usual type. 

Will Simone be his salvation or will his attraction to this human prove more dangerous than he anticipates?
What’s Not to like about this book? It got my interest at Gods and Thanatos! *laughs* Lets see the beginning of the book captures you with the introduction of the dark gods. Mainly Thanatos. He is no ordinary god, but Death. The most powerful of them all, even though Zeus is the King of the gods. But who can escape Death, but Death himself. *winks*  A Jealous goddess is not a problem to ignore, especially one who is known as the goddess of Love, that’s right Aphrodite herself. Never has a man or gods ever said no to be with her. Thanatos, a god who will do as he pleases, does not want Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty or not. The wrath of the goddess will come to him, one he never expected. Stripped of his godhood, he now has to roam the Earth as a human for however long Hera wants. Why you say was Hera involved? Read the book and find out how Thanatos was stripped of his godhood and how the human female Simone helps him return to once he was.
Violette Dubrinsky does a great job at writing the characters. An upcoming author, who has taken a powerful step towards writing. I give her a book 4 out of 5 stars. I wanted this story to have more to it, like it needed more support for the characters. Maybe rushed but it’s a good book to read.  The story might be short but its worth the read. A powerful male, fighting to have the female that intrigues him like no female has before? Yes, this story is something to read about. 

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